Photos & Books by Lorin Lee Cary | About

Photography has been a passion of mine for decades and I've won prizes for it in several states. I love landscapes, seascapes, patterns, shadows, odd juxtapositions. Just about anything. Yogi Berra once said  "You can observe a lot just by watching."  And he's right, as you' ll see on my Flickr pages.

I love quirky, and that shows in my novel The Custer Conspiracy and just published novella California Dreaming. As Sharon Lovejoy, author of Running Out of Night remarked about the latter: "Cary’s humor . . . surfaces and shines in unexpected places. When menaced by a smiling, knife wielding stranger, ‘Herb became aware of the man’s need for dental work.’” My historical books aren't that quirky. Check out my Amazon author page.


I taught US history for years and co-authored two studies which won awards, No Strength Without Union: Ohio Workers 1803-1980 and Slavery in North Carolina 1749-1776. Now I write fiction and take pictures.My Goodreads author page has some more biographical information. I've also put together a book which includes a number of my favorite images.