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Anonymous(non-registered) ti allego il link del mio sito e se credi dagli pure un'occhiata .
Ancora complimenti per le splendide immagini .
Photos & Books by Lorin Lee Cary
Beauty all around!
We finally got home, opened the order & have already placed them . . . on our bookshelf in the living room. They are very beautiful and serve to bring us reminders of a wonderful time in Greece . . . . Now having visual reminders of both islands is good for us and also lets friends see something of the beauty we experienced in Greece.
We are so glad that I happened upon your site.
Alice Lora, Ohio
Photos & Books by Lorin Lee Cary
Your photography is both penetrating and profound. Simply outstanding. No surprise about the many prizes you have won and accolades you have received.
Al-Tony Gilmore, Washington, DC
Marvelous pics. Beauty hides the doom. Alas, I've been reading Schopenhauer in prep for the problem of evil next semester. "We have art that we may not die of truth." - Nietzsche.
Keep up the good work. Like all good art you arrest the flow of doom.
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